Green Apple Coleslaw: A Fresh Twist on a BBQ Classic

Green Apple Coleslaw on a bed of Jerked Pulled Pork

If you were a patron of our BBQ restaurants, you might remember one of the side dishes that once graced our menu: the Green Apple Coleslaw. For many, it wasn’t just a side dish but a vibrant, refreshing companion to our smoky, savory BBQ offerings. It’s been a while since we last served it, but the memories and flavors linger in the hearts of our customers—and in ours too.

The Birth of a BBQ Side Star

The Green Apple Coleslaw was conceived from a desire to bring something fresh and unexpected to the table. Traditional coleslaw is a staple at any BBQ joint, but we wanted to push the boundaries and offer something that would surprise and delight our guests. Enter the green apple: crisp, tart, and perfectly complementary to the classic cabbage base.

A Flavor Profile to Remember

What made the Green Apple Coleslaw stand out was its unique blend of flavors. The crunch of fresh cabbage paired with the tangy sweetness of green apples created a harmonious balance that was both light and satisfying. This coleslaw was a perfect foil to the richness of our BBQ meats, offering a palate-cleansing bite that kept you coming back for more.

The addition of green apples brought a new dimension to the dish, infusing it with a brightness that cut through the smokiness of the BBQ. It was a refreshing twist that not only elevated the coleslaw itself but also enhanced the overall dining experience. Whether you were enjoying a rack of ribs, pulled pork, or a brisket sandwich, the Green Apple Coleslaw was always there to add a crisp, tangy note to your meal.

But what truly set this coleslaw apart were the finishing touches: fresh cilantro and green onions. These ingredients added layers of flavor and complexity, with the cilantro bringing a hint of floral, citrusy zest and the green onions contributing a mild, savory bite. Together, they made the Green Apple Coleslaw not just a side dish, but a memorable culinary experience.

A Fan Favorite

It’s no exaggeration to say that our Green Apple Coleslaw quickly became one of our most requested sides. Customers loved its refreshing taste and the way it complemented our BBQ dishes. It wasn’t unusual for diners to request extra servings or to ask for it to be added to their sandwiches and burgers. The coleslaw became a talking point, something that set us apart and added a special touch to our menu.

Thank you for being a part of our journey and for keeping the memory of our Green Apple Coleslaw alive. Here’s to many more delicious memories to come!

Allergen Warnings

This recipe may contain the following allergens. Please check all ingredient labels thoroughly

Eggs Allergy Warning Celery Allergy Warning Mustard Allergy Warning
Green Apple Coleslaw

Green Apple Coleslaw

Welcome to a blast from our past with our beloved Green Apple Coleslaw! This refreshing side dish was once a star on our BBQ restaurant menu, loved for its unique blend of crisp cabbage, tangy green apples, fresh cilantro, and savory green onions. Perfectly balancing light and vibrant flavors, it was the ultimate complement to our smoky BBQ offerings. Enjoy a taste of our culinary history and bring a delightful twist to your BBQ meals with this cherished recipe!
Prep Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Course condiment, Salad, Side Dish
Cuisine Canadian, North America, United States, Worldwide
Servings 8 100g Servings
Calories 100 kcal


  • Knife or mandoline
  • Cut glove if using a mandoline we highly recommend this.
  • Cutting Board
  • Bowl
  • Scale


For the Salad

  • 500 g Green cabbage 1/4 of a Full Cabbage
  • 74 g Celery 1 Large stalk
  • 190 g Green apple 1 Whole green apple
  • 15 g Green onion 1 stock AKA green and spring onions
  • 8 g Cilantro / Coriander. The fresh green herb. ½ cup, packed

For the Dressing

  • 200 g White wine vinegar or alternative ⅘ cup
  • 125 g Mayonnaise ½ cup
  • 60 g Grainy mustard ¼ cup
  • 12 g White sugar (we leave this out) 1 tbsp
  • 4 g Kosher salt 1 tsp
  • 1.5 g Black pepper, course ½ tsp


For the Salad

  • The weights in this recipe for the salad are recommendations. You do not need to be exact. The weights are all post washing and cutting, so finished weight. Our family always adds far more cilantro than is called for in this recipe as we love the flavour.
    * In many parts of the world what we call Cilantro in North America is referred too as coriander. It is the same plant. In NA we call the dried seeds coriander.
  • Clean all of your produce that will go into this coleslaw. Wash the wax from the apple if there is any, remove the ends from the celery, remove the out layer of the cabbage, trim dead ends on your green onions.
    Ingredients for Green Apple Coleslaw
  • Cut all of the produce the same thickness if you are able too with a mandoline. Otherwise use a sharp knife try to produce 1mm – 2mm thick pieces.
    Julienne the cabbage and apple.
    Slice the celery across the grain
    Chop the cilantro, you can leave the stems in, they add flavour, and you will not notice them in this recipe.
    Green Apple Coleslaw Ingredients Prepped
  • Put all of the cut produce into a bowl and mix well.
    Green Apple Salad Ingredients mixed together

For the Dressing

  • Weigh out all of the ingredients in a single bowl taring in between each ingredient. This is the easiest way to do this and uses far less dishes to accomplish.
  • One all the ingredients are in the bowl mix them together well with a whisk.


  • This is a very vinegary dressing, so we only dress the coleslaw about 30-45 minutes before eating.
    When I make this for my family I usually make the coleslaw and only dress the amount we might use. With a family of four we do about half of this recipe, dress that and put the other half in the fridge. You will definitely have enough dressing.
    Put as much or as little dressing as you require, if you like it messy with lots of dressing, pour a lot on, if not, just put what you need.


We often have Extra Dressing which we will use on salads as well. The dressing will easily last for a month in the fridge if covered well. 
To much vineger  for your liking, understandably some people aren’t massive fans of this liquid. Try cutting it in half, you will get a much cremier coleslaw and won’t have as strong of a vinegar taste. 
I always have a tough time with fresh Cilantro / Coriander, my family adores the flavour and would have zero problem having more of that herb in the salad than apple, onion, and celery combined. So put in what you feel is right for you. 

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