Equipment For The Kitchen / Home

I often get asked about equipment I use and what I think is best for use in the kitchen. I will have some affiliate links here to Amazon and other sites that carry these products. I may or may not receive compensation if you purchase one of these products. Rest assured I will absolutely not put items up I would not use in my own kitchen. (Amazon Affiliate Disclosure)

Schwer ANSI A9 Cut Resistant Glove (opens in US Amazon, affiliate link)
Amazon Canada Link

Spice Grinder
A good spice / coffee grinder is essential for the kitchen. We have several of them at our house. I won’t give any advice on what to purchase as they are all the same. Most of the recipes I write will use whole spices as a starting point. Since all of the recipes are written in weights you can easily substitute ground for whole.

Every kitchen needs a good scale, maybe two. We have two scales, one for lighter weights that need the ability to weigh down to a 100th of a gram (x.00) for measuring spices and also ensuring curing salts are the right weight for bacon and certain sausages. Then we have another that is larger, accepts large bowls and can weigh into 5kgs. These types of units will measure in grams, and sometimes their weights are only good to 2grams or 3. Pay attention to your scale, it can make all the difference in the world.

Growing Bags
We have a fairly large yard and enjoy growing our own vegetables in our short summers. One of the issues we ran into was that we have a lot of Black Walnut trees on our property and they put our a chemical that kills many vegetable plants. We’ve started using grow bags to keep our plants out of the ground. They work fantastic and we just need to make sure the chipmunks and squirrels don’t bury the nuts in them. We’ve found Vevor bags work really well, last years crop was potatos in them. This year we are buying 100G (375L) grow bags.
Amazon Canada 12 bags
Amazon United States (US site doesn’t show Vevor, so this is the search page)